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In the end we want to be your supplier of choice.

We will work hard to be just that, day in and day out. 


At GSP Components we take great pride

in our ability to consistently produce quality

parts and continually improve our processes.

From your drawing to full production.

  • Manufacturing process is controlled                                                                                         using  a bill of manufacture, which                                                                                         defines all routing steps and associated                                                                                       material requirements.

  • Only the latest and most accurate drawings are used for each project, and only proven manufacturing methods are followed.

  • A detailed Work in Process Plan is established for each production job. Advanced inspection equipment and techniques continuously monitor each job.

  • All shipments are accompanied by an SPC report detailing the results of inspection measurements, providing the customer with accurate data and production times.


High Nickle alloy component for health and safety
High level quality control
Cost effective CNC Machining
Quality Control checking to specs
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